Tax planning

The process of tax planning involves an assessment of the individual and the operations of a company to determine how and where there is room to save tax. There are many ways to legally minimize your tax bill.

Completion and submission of Company, CC and Trust tax returns

Annually, all Companies, CC and Trusts needs to submit an income tax return to SARS. We prepare and submit the income tax return based on the annual financial statements. Upon assessment we ensure that your return was correctly assessed by SARS.

Completion and submission of Individual tax returns

Similar to businesses individuals also need to submit an income tax return annually to SARS. This process has in recent years become increasingly complicated due to tax laws that change on a regular basis. Individuals prefer to leave this task to a professional in case SARS incorrectly assess their returns.

Completion and submission of Company, CC and Trust provisional tax returns

Companies, CC and Trust and certain individuals need to submit a provisional income tax return bi-annually to SARS. The process involves the estimation and calculation of taxable income. We ensure that estimates are calculated correctly and returns submitted on time.

Calculation, completion and submission of VAT returns

This service is performed as part of monthly accounting services. Alternatively, the VAT returns are submitted based on the accounting data maintained by the client. The VAT return is completed and submitted to SARS, with the client only authorising and releasing the VAT payment.

Calculation, completion and submission of Employees tax

This is performed as part of the monthly payroll service. This includes the calculation of PAYE/SDL and UIF. The EMP201 returns are completed and submitted to SARS with the client only releasing the tax payment.

Completion and submission Dividend Withholding Tax

This service is performed when the companies or clients has declared dividends. We complete and submit the DTW declaration to SARS.

Registration as a tax payer

As parts of SARS’s upgrading project, all employees that receive remuneration are required to be registered. We obtain all the information form the client and submit the application to SARS.

VAT vendor registration

All companies with taxable supplies with a turnover exceeding R1mil need to be registered as a VAT vendor. We obtain the information from the client to complete the registration.

Employee registration

SARS E-filing registration

Donations tax

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